Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I miss the sun.

I took a 3 mile run tonight in my Invisible Shoes. At least I feel confident enough in them now that I can wear them in the dark.

48 hours seems to be sufficient recovery time between runs.  My calves aren’t sore at all after this run.  I tried running on consecutive days over the weekend and that proved to be bit too much too soon.

I started experimenting with these with the intention of using them for trail running, but since the Marine Corps Marathon I have only run in regular shoes twice.  Every other run has been in either these or my home made “Jesus sandals.”  They really are working out well on hard surfaces like asphalt and concrete I will just have to take my time increasing mileage.

They’ve also added a new dimension to my running – fun.

I think I might go for 5 miles this weekend.

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