Wednesday, September 5, 2012

"Getting Chicked"

If you are unfamiliar with the term "getting chicked" check out this post on iRunFar.

What do you think? Is the term an insult or an expression of respect and friendly rivalry?  Is it praise of woman’s superior performance in comparison to her male peers or maybe a passive aggressive implication that she has surprisingly risen above her gender’s inherent physical inferiority?

By weird coincidence I have come across this debate several times in the past week, both in reading and in conversation.

I know in my case there are a number of women that I run with who are usually just a little bit faster than me.  With age group awards often just out of my reach and PR’s getting more and more difficult to achieve, often one of my goals is sometimes simply to avoid “getting chicked” by these female friends and rivals.  If I succeed I consider it a huge accomplishment in deference to their abilities but when they do "chick" me I find it incredibly motivating to try harder next time.

So let me know your opinion.  "Getting Chicked" – Yay or Nay? Pro or Con? Love it or Hate it?


  1. Bird, what do the chicks call it when they get chicked?

    1. In that case I think they would simply say that she got schooled, beat, trounced, owned, got her butt kicked, smoked, stomped, licked, thrashed, throttled, blown away, whipped . . . I know some pretty Fit-Chicks that can be be more competitive than the guys.

  2. I think the term is derogatory. You have been passed by a peer. There is no special term for when you get passed by a male peer. Is there?