Sunday, July 11, 2010

Tomorrow I Rest

I am sitting here enjoying a well earned blueberry bagel, basking in the afterglow of a great seven mile run this morning, and wondering - “What is wrong with me?”

I have had an incredibly productive July so far. I ran eight out the past nine days including a race and my fastest mile ever on the 3rd, hills on the 4th, fartleks on the 7th, a 5 mile pr on the 8th. I finished this week with a total of 32 miles. My running is still improving at a very exciting rate. Yet I am sitting here feeling guilty because I didn’t get in a long run this week.

I had hoped to get in at least ten miles this morning on the Seminole Wekiva Trail in Lake Mary, but I was running on tired legs after some “cross training” yesterday (more on that in a moment) and I started out way too fast. I was trying to keep pace with some of the faster members of WVR until I realized they were doing 5 miles and I was hoping to do 8-10. When I reached the 3.5 mile mark I knew I was pushing too hard and eagerly made the turn to head back. I don’t know how, but I still managed a negative split – barely - 28:59 for the first 3.5 and 28:33 for the return leg, averaging about 8:13 mins/mile.  Actually I do know how, I was being spurred on by the club's organizer who refused to let me slack off.  I managed to keep up with her for about 5.5 miles and then I finally had to slow down.

Speaking of cross training, I pretty much did it all yesterday. A six mile run in morning and in the afternoon: swimming, stair climbing, walking, stair climbing, surfing, stair climbing . . . Did I mention stair climbing?

Otherwise known as:

The afternoon pretty much consisted of climbing towers like this one:

over and over and over again.

The premier water slide is called the Dolphin Plunge. The water tubes travel right through a pool filled with dolphins. You can see the tubes in the background of this video:

One of my daughter’s favorite rides was called Roa’s Rapids. It's a fast moving river of water that you can either free swim or float wearing a life vest. She preferred to swim it which actually made it a pretty good workout, if you could avoid drowning.

We had a blast, but it was an exhausting day.

Tomorrow I rest.

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