Monday, December 27, 2010

2010 A Year of Running in Review

Total Mileage: 75

I started the year still over 200 lbs (from an original high of about 240 lbs) and mid-way through training for the Gasparilla Half Marathon. I resolved to run through the winter and if successful plan for a marathon by the end of the year (and continue to lose a few pounds along the way). A record breaking cold winter tested my resolve and I ran for the first time with temperatures in the 30’s. (Those of you from arctic climes cut me some slack. Remember I grew up in Florida and 30 degrees is cold!)

Total Mileage: 73

I completed my first half marathon, The Gasparilla Distance Classic, in 2:16:51.

Total Mileage: 71

I made the decision to start training for a marathon and began Hal Higdon’s Novice Marathon program.

Total Mileage: 110

My first 100 mile month and I increased my running schedule to 4 days per week.

Total Mileage: 145

I started this blog and completed my marathon program but discovered I was all dressed up with no where to go – no summer marathons. For the next few months I got measurably faster virtually every time I laced up my shoes.

Total Mileage: 114

I joined the West Volusia Running Group and ran my first sub 8:00 mile (no coincidence there). I also reached my weight goal of 180 lbs. I spent most of June and July with no formal running program, just running for the pure pleasure of it and increased my workouts to 5 days per week. Took my first ice bath.

Total Mileage: 101

I started racing again, running a four miler and my first 5k since 2006. I began formal training for the Space Coast Marathon.

Total Mileage: 127

I discovered I had a DoppelLaufer and together we birthed virtual racing.

Total Mileage: 102

I set my current 5k PR of 23:07 which was immediately followed by my first running injury serious enough to affect my training - ITBS. I spent three weeks on the mend.

Total Mileage: 173

I PR’d at the Daytona Beach Half Marathon, improving my time by more than 24 minutes over the Gasparilla Half Marathon in February. This was my highest mileage month of the year.

Total Mileage: 139

I began the month with my highest mileage week, 47, and ended it by finishing my first marathon, the Space Coast Marathon in 4:27:39.

Total Mileage: TBA

I won my first age group award and set a new record for my fastest mile – 7:14. I ran in the coldest weather to date with several workouts in the mid 20’s. I registered for my second marathon in Charleston on 1/15/11 where the DoppelLaufer Crew will converge and meet face to face for the first time, racing head to head.

As of this writing, I am 12 miles shy of completing my 9th consecutive 100 mile month.

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  1. Well you certainly didn't slack off this year at all! Very impressive! Here's to your next 12 miles, and to 2011!