Monday, December 13, 2010

DoppelLaufer Update

We had another great weekend of DoppelLaufer Racing!

Ronda (Fruitfly) ran just one second off her 5k PR and won a first in age group award!

Melanie (Mtaurus575) knocked over 2 minutes off her PR and is on the verge of breaking 30 minutes.

Cristina (CLS89) improved her half marathon PR by 6 minutes in just 6 weeks.

MaryAlicia, with virtually no training, came within 6 seconds of matching her half marathon record.

There are only 3 races left in this challenge unless we pick up some last minute contenders before January 1.

As of now the leaders in the 5k standings are:

1. squeakygirl
2. Surfing_Vol
3. Fruitfly

My final entry in this challenge will be next Saturday the 18th.  The Candy Cane 5k in Winter Springs, FL sponsored by Front Running Sports.

Here are the complete standings including all race results (17 runners in 39 races over 3 months, not too shabby):

And the sorted standings including only everyone’s best races:

(click to enlarge)


  1. That is so cool that you have everything in fancy spreadsheet form! I love playing with spreadsheets. But what is really cool is that I am still in 3rd place - that's way better than I ever do in real life!

    I'm still debating the New Year's Eve run. It would give me one more chance to move up in the standings!

  2. @Fruitfly - Way better than real life?!?! Didn't you just win your age group? You should definitely go for the New Year's Eve race. That sounds like a lot of fun.