Sunday, November 21, 2010

A Journey of 500 Miles

I officially started my marathon training 17 weeks ago on July 26. An eight mile run this morning brought my total mileage to 525 since starting this journey.

You can view my training plan, as well as the actual mileage I ran, here.

With one week left, I can honestly say that I feel ready. I had highs and lows throughout my training, but I’m happy to say I am ending on a high. I thought that I would feel beat up and run down at this point, but instead I feel better than I have in a long time. My last few long runs went extremely well and I finished each one feeling stronger, more confident, and remarkably pain free.  I know much of this success is due to the support and advice I recieved since joining the West Volusia Running Group and I owe them a huge debt of gratitude.

Next week, I expect I’ll look back and scrutinize my training to figure out what worked well and what did not.  But for now I will sit back, relax, and try to enjoy a week of rest and gluttony.

Seven more days until the Space Coast Marathon!


  1. You are amazing Bob! Your dedication to the training and perseverance will surely pay off in 7 days! We are all so proud of everything you have accomplished. I personally look forward to watching you cross the 26.2 line next week!

  2. I can't wait to hear your report and say Congratulations on a fabulous marathon ... 'cause I know it will happen!!

    Question ... now that I just got a new PR, where do I give you my new info for yesterday's race?