Friday, June 25, 2010

Big Plans this Weekend

Four straight days of running.

I ran four miles this morning (ok – I confess it was actually more like 3.75). I will be doing a six mile trail run between Lake Beresford Park and Blue Springs Park tomorrow morning. Sunday is another Gemini Springs Trail run. I plan to do the five mile section twice and add the three mile section to make it approximately 13.1. I can’t believe I’m planning to run a half marathon for the fun of it. Monday will be a short recovery run of 3-4 miles, provided I can still walk.

I don’t usually run on so many consecutive days. The distances are all manageable but I am curious to see how my body will handle the repetitive punishment.

I’m also registered for the Daytona Beach Firecracker 4 Miler on Saturday, July 3. This will be my first race since the Gasparilla Half Marathon and my first short race since 2006. It’s an out and back course on the "the world's most famous beach," in the sand. That should make it fun but I’m not expecting to run a PR.

Wish me luck.

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