Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I'm Starvin'!

My appetite has been out of control the past two weeks and I can’t figure out why.  I reached my weightloss goal last month and have now slightly increased my caloric intake to get into more of a maintenance mode.

I have also slightly decreased my weekly mileage this month.  I'm having fun running with the West Volusia Runners on group runs. My pace has improved by trying to keep up with more experienced runners, but their runs have been just a little shorter than my recent training runs. I am adding an extra workout this week, but even with that I will be about 5 miles short of my average weekly mileage over the past two months.

Despite eating more and exercising less – I’m starving.

My breakfast usually consists of fruit and a granola bar. I’m thinking about adding some more carbs, like a bagel. Hopefully that will help.

I start my marathon training in earnest in just a few weeks.  I expect to have to dramatically increase my caloric intake after that. Poor me :) 

It's going to take some experimenting to find the right balance.


  1. I fine that adding more protien to the diet helps with the feelings os being hungry -- in fact, that is the problem I have with carbos -- I never feel full. I'm only eating about 150-200 carbohydrates a day.

  2. Thanks for the recommendation skypilot. It doesn't take much arm twisting to convince me to add more meat to my diet.