Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Getting Faster

I just thought I would share this graph of my average 5k pace over the past few months.

It represents training runs of 3-5 miles. Each point is the average pace over several runs during that week. I had to convert the times to a decimal to trick excel to display the graph right, for example 9.50 = 9:30 minutes/mile.

I have quickened my pace from an average of about 9:40 to 8:15 in just a few weeks, without doing a single speed workout. This is purely the result of running with the West Volusia Runners since the beginning of the month. I just pushed myself a little to try to hang with some of the faster runners and found that I was able to keep up.

The group holds a weekly speed workout featuring 400 or 800 meter intervals that has been on hiatus this month. I’m excited to see how much I will improve after running a few of those workouts.


  1. That is cool! I agree that it is fun to realize that you are getting faster!

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  3. Thanks Beth.

    I'm excited to find out how well I can perform in a race.

  4. congrats on getting faster, be careful running alot, and hard too much. It is a recipe for injury.