Saturday, June 26, 2010

Lake Beresford Trail Run

This morning’s run was a six mile (3 miles out and back) paved trail connecting Lake Bersford Park in Deland, FL and Blue Springs State Park in Orange City. Blue Springs is well known for the manatees that take refuge in the spring run during the winter.

I know in this map it looks like the trail is straight as an arrow but in reality it has gentle curves throughout which made it a very pleasant run. There are restrooms and water at both ends of the trail, although Blue Springs charges a modest admission and I’m not sure if there is access to the restrooms there without entering the park.

This was my first run on this trail, running with about a dozen members of the West Volusia Runners. At 7:00 a.m. on a Saturday morning there were very few other people out on the trail. That meant lots of wildlife sightings. I saw deer, rabbits, snakes and of course birds and squirrels. I heard stories of runners seeing black bears, gators and wild hogs in the past.

The trail is shaded with gently rolling hills. Not enough to make it too difficult, but enough to still get your heart rate up a little. 

There is also a two mile loop trail that encircles Lake Beresford Park, but I didn't run that this morning.  I tried not to push myself too hard today because I’m hoping to get in 13 miles tomorrow. I still managed to average an 8:47 pace. A month ago I would have struggled to maintain that pace for 3 miles and this morning it felt like a moderate pace over 6 miles. My improvement since I started running with WVR has really been remarkable.

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