Wednesday, August 11, 2010

2010 DoppelLaufer Virtual 5k Challenge

What is this nonsense, you ask?

Well, the bar room brawl started here:

and then tumbled into the streets here:

It all began with an innocent comment to JimDo64 on the CoolRunning forum about how evenly matched we seem to be based on our race PR’s, followed by a not so innocent threat to shred his half marathon PR come October.

Gradually other similarities revealed themselves, apparently including a sense of humor.

JimDo64 - Nemesis
(actual size)
Your Intrepid Blogger
“It’s like we’re living in alternate universes,” says he.

“Or like we’re doppelgangers,” I say.

Wherein he proceeds to lecture me with a long winded diatribe about the etymological origins of doppelganger, culminating in the declaration that we are actually DoppelLauffers (literal translation – Double Runners) and that one of us must therefore be evil.

What nerve!

This will all culminate in a clash of titans Saturday morning, a virtual head to head 5k. I’ve registered for the Track Shack Celebration of Running 5k in Orlando and he entered the Joshua Kurby Charge for the CHARGE 5k in Carol Stream, IL.

Winner gets bragging rights and first crack at being the evil/fun half of the doppel pair.

With any luck we will both break through 24 minutes for the first time.

Stay tuned!


  1. Hilarious! Love the 'actual Size' comment on his Blog picture. Your thread has me rolling already. Especially his 'Nancy Boy' comment. Can't wait to see who wins!

  2. That's awesome! Go team, go!
    Some day I'll be good enough to have a virtual challenge, too. Who knows, maybe some day, in a mystical land far far away I will virtually challenge YOU!

    Ha - don't hold your breath on that one though. I'm totally all talk! ;-)

  3. You can tell the truth here Maryalicia, no one else is looking. I know you’re really pulling for me and not that young buck Don, right? You’re just being nice to him over at because he has such a fragile ego

  4. We're ready when you are Fruitfly. Bring it on!