Friday, August 20, 2010

Virtual Racing is Back!

We virtually had so much fun with the first go round of the DoppleLaufers Virtual Race that we’re doing it again. Participation has virtually doubled already.

We expanded the time to include three weekends to make it virtually easier for people to find a 5k that fits their schedule (9/11/10-9/26/10) and we’ve worked out a handicapping system to virtually level the playing field. Runners of virtually any skill level have a shot at winning. We’ve already attracted people with PR’s virtually ranging from sub 20 minutes to 30 minutes plus.

You can see the details here: Doppel Games September Invitational Race for Virtually Anyone

And the trash talking continues here: DoppelLaufers Good Natured Taunting and Race Reports Thread

I also added a dedicated page for virtual race information here with a list of the participants, their races, PR’s and handicaps.

I will be running in the Autumn Rock-n-Run 5k in Casselberry, FL on 9/11/10.


  1. Okay - once I have a 5K in the right time frame I will totally join!

  2. There's always room for one more. If you can't join us in September, there is talk about doing it again in November for Turkey Trot season.

  3. This is brilliant! I'm looking towards several races in that time period and will be diceding soon (in hopes that the mysterious leg injury gets lost...) Are girls allowed? I want in on this!!

  4. @middleagedrunner We would love to have on board for the virtual race. About half of our racers our women so you will feel right at home. All I need is the name of your race and a recent 5k personal record. If I recall from your blog you are running in the low 20’s, that's awesome and we have several people at that same level. You can get me the info by commenting on my blog, by personal email, or by posting it in one of these Cool Running threads:


    Check out the action in those threads if you haven’t had a chance yet. Things are getting wild.

    bob (Running Bird)