Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Hills are Alive

The hills were tough, but I survived! More than that, I thrived. I even bolted up the last few, mostly because I was exhausted and ready to get them over with them as soon as possible. It helped a lot that I had a running partner from WVR who ran at my exact pace. She matched me stride for stride. I don’t think we were ever farther apart than 50 yards for the entire two hours and forty minutes.

We even ran an extra mile because we underestimated the length of the route. The total run was 15.4 miles at an average pace of 10:26.

I haven’t been that sore after a run in a long time but an ice bath followed by a hot shower made me feel much better.

Now the grazing has commenced. I was down 5 pounds from this run and hit a new low for my weight. The fridge will be empty by sunset.


  1. Awesome run! I know how you feel about the soreness after some tough hills. Enjoy the grazing!