Thursday, October 28, 2010

Daytona Half Marathon Water Stations

Just a cautionary note about the water stations at the Daytona Beach Half Marathon. Another member of WVR thankfully posted the details and it looks they are pretty irregularly spaced on the outbound half of the route.

Here’s the list:

2.2 - Daytona 500 Experience
3.5 - Mainland
6.5 - Bridge
7.25 - Sun Splash Park
8.5 - Bridge
10.2 - Jean St.
11.5 - Mainland
12.75 - Daytona 500 Experience

If you are like me and don’t find it necessary to hit every water station in a half marathon, just be careful not to skip the one at Mainland. That would mean more than four miles without water which could come back to haunt you later in the race. I’ve heard from several people that are planning to carry water for this reason.

Looks like we might be getting a break with the weather.  We've had 90 degree temperatures for most of the week but it will cool off quite a bit this weekend.  It should be really nice weather for the race.

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  1. Cool weather pleases me .... for selfish touristy reasons.

    Good luck - have a great race!!