Sunday, October 24, 2010

I'm a Check List Geek

Shoes: Asics Gel 1150 – Check!
Socks: Thorlo Experia – Check!
Shorts: Reebok Relay w/pockets – Check!
Shirt: WVR – Check!
Spibelt – Check!
Cell phone – Check!
Ziploc for phone – Check!
Cash – Check!
Water Bottle Holder: Nathan Quickdraw Elite – Check!
PowerBar Gummies – Check!

Toe nails clipped – Check!
Body Glide liberally applied to thighs – Check!
Band-Aids on nips (Here's why, if you're wondering) – Check!

All fueled up? – Check!

Run 20 miles – CHECK!!!!!

Final Stats
Distance: 19.96 miles
Total Time: 3:18:54
Average Pace: 9:58
10 Mile splits: 1:40:36 (10:05 pace) and 1:38:18 (9:51 pace)  Negative split - yeah!

I don’t have a GPS record of this run, but here is a link to the route I ran from a prior run. I did two, ten mile loops.  This was a WVR run we call the Swamp House Grill Run that traverses some beautiful back roads.  I have to say that it is great to have friendly faces waiting for you at the end, Gatorade in hand, even when you are the last one to finish.  They do an awesome job supporting runners on these long runs.

What was the most painful part of the run?

Removing those damn Band-Aids (and more than a few chest hairs) from my nipples and then crawling into this:

My training is peaking and it feels good. Next weekend is the Daytona Half Marathon. The week after that is a repeat of this weeks training schedule, including another 20 miler. Then all that will be left is the taper until the Space Coast Marathon on November 28.


  1. I will be down the beach from you - at Cocoa - cheering you on next weekend! Have a great race!!

  2. @ Fruitfly - I hope you have a great vacation. I can't wait to read about your hijinks.