Saturday, October 23, 2010

Guilty Pleasure No More

Although not a part of my recovery routine after every long run, I occasionally like to enjoy a tall glass of chocolate milk. I first remember hearing about the benefits of chocolate milk during all of the hoopla over Michael Phelps in the last summer Olympics. Shortly after his daily dietary indulgences were laid bare for the whole world gawk at I also began to read about it in running literature.

I’ll drink it straight up, or if I’m feeling rambunctious I’ll blend together the milk, a banana and ice for a nice smoothie. I know people that toss in some protein powder for good measure too.

Out of curiosity I compared the nutrition labels of chocolate milk and Mix 1 Enhanced Protein Shake. I used Mix 1 because I had some around the house, another race freebie, I assume it’s similar to other protein shakes on the market.

Look how similar they are:

So given the choice between something that sounds as appetizing as an “enhanced protein shake” and chocolate milk, which would you rather drink? For me it’s an easy choice. I’ll take the one that makes me feel like a kid again the moment it hits my taste buds.

In the spirit of Michael Phelps’ disclosure, I’ll also share my lunch today. I’m fueling up for my first 20 miler tomorrow.

A huge helping of beef tips over whole wheat noodles. Yummy!

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  1. Forget about the beef (vegetarian here!) .... look at all those yummy peas! I LOVE peas!! They are my form of candy. So so good!!